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Payment depends on age and appearance.'The perfect type is 17-to-18 years old, short, very cute and modest.'On average every manager sells up to 10 virgins a month, warning around 300,000 ruble (£3,750) a month.'Some 20-to-50 per cent is added to the price as the agent’s fee.Those selling their virginity are expected to show a medical certificate confirming they have not had sex.Rita, 18, from Rostov said: 'To start a business, you need capital.You can't make a lot having a regular job, but here you don't even need to do anything.'Dmitry, 38, from Siberia said he had twice 'bought' 18 year old virgins aiming to find a wife who had 'not had someone'.I am from Moscow, I'm 19, 175 cm (tall), weight - 65 kg.'Another advert reads: 'Girl. She is waiting for an offer of 300,000 roubles - or £3750, said the report.'Instead of just losing my virginity, it’s better if I make some money from it,' said 18-year-old Lena from Moscow.'It's not prostitution.

A 19-year-old girl from Moscow naming herself Milana Mercer stated in a typical online advertisement: 'Selling virginity, please send me a private message. Details in private messages.'One more, promoting a virginity buying and selling site, boasts: ’Marina sold her virginity for 1.5 million roubles (£18,900) and bought a great apartment.'A 20-year-old called Anastasia from rust belt industrial city Magnitogorsk told Bumaga lifestyle website she is currently offering to sell her virginity to help pay for cancer treatment for her mother.

Thousands of girls and young women in Russia are selling their virginity after finding rich lovers online, according to a new report.

Networks of specialist dealers and scouts actively recruit virgins and link them to wealthy businessmen, taking a slice of fees which can range between a few hundred and tens of thousands of pounds.

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