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This program is designed to capture keystrokes, take screenshots of the user's desktop and get contents from the clipboard.

The application is compiled in Delphi and contains 5 timers: functions of the application (such as taking screenshots, capturing keystrokes, disabling itself) are executed once the timer triggers.

In addition to hiding the tracks, the concealment module again substitutes the fraudulent payment details in a debit advice after the transaction back with the original ones.

This means that the payment order is sent and accepted for execution with the fraudulent payment details, and the responses come as if the payment details were the initial ones.

Given the wide usage of STAR in LATAM, financial institutions in LATAM could have particular exposure to a potential interest from the Money Taker group.

Get the report Although the group has been successful at targeting a number of banks in different countries, to date, they have gone unreported.

Their contents and geography indicate that banks in Latin America may be targeted next by Money Taker.

A number of incidents with copied documents that describe how to make transfers through SWIFT are being investigated by Group-IB.By constantly changing their tools and tactics to bypass antivirus and traditional security solutions and most importantly carefully eliminating their traces after completing their operations, the group has largely gone unnoticed."Money Taker uses publicly available tools, which makes the attribution and investigation process a non-trivial exercise.In addition, incidents occur in different regions worldwide and at least one of the US Banks targeted had documents successfully exfiltrated from their networks, twice.Group-IB reports that Money Taker uses both borrowed and their own self-written tools.For example, to spy on bank operators they developed an application with 'screenshot' and 'keylogger' capabilities.

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