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Scott, a/k/a Zach Morris, would like his roommates to stop behaving as if they’re in a close-knit high school clique, and instead compliment his abs more regularly.

Idiot King the Bard put his music on hold out of respect for a very sad anniversary. I’ll explain this and much more in our weekly recap, so throw on some classic Fall Out Boy and click on this shit.

The Red Hook Castle is basically a nunnery/monestary where the roommates eschew sinful pleasures in order to pursue their Raging Creative Class Goals.

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But the shaving cream incident was just a way to lead into Ryan’s experiences in the army, which he begins to discuss in greater depth with the roommates.

A friend calls to report the news that one of their mutual friends has shot himself, right before 9/11, probably because of untreated PTSD.

Our Award-winning customer service is available 24/7/365.Chetubular is so excited that he does a ton of research and learns everything there is to know about Wentzy, important stuff like the sort of cupcakes he and Ashlee served at their gothy Alice in Wonderland -themed wedding.(Just kidding, that’s just what I’m interested in.) Anyway, he does some Internets learning which I am grudgingly impressed by, and then, he puts on his Tucker Carlson costume, I mean his mod Orville Redenbacher hipster outfit, comprised of a ginormous red bow-tie, a faux-hawk, and those infernal coke-bottle glasses, which sparkle with the hellfire of my loathing. After bungling his introduction, Chet sort of didn’t make a douche of himself.He shouted a lot and the roommates began to wonder, “Maybe he was woken up in the middle of the night in Iraq, and that’s why he has such an unpredictable temper?” Maybe, or maybe it’s just fucking dumb to spray shaving cream all over someone’s bed.

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