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The alt library meetup group has 400 members, forming a community of readers—for these people the library is a provider of socializing opportunities as well as traditional library services.Programs such as Bollywood Spectacular, For the Spell of It (a spelling bee for adults), Herb Garden Mixology, Broke A$$ Holidays, Punk Rock Aerobics, Speed Dating for Book Lovers, Speed Friending, and a series of GLBTQIA focused National Library Week programs, allow the library to act as a connector for members of the community who would not otherwise have met.This perhaps has to do with the frenetic speed with which “Lady Bird” moves—by the way, that’s the name Christine pretentiously has taken on in order to set herself apart from all her peers.Gerwig is working in the same self-deprecating but entirely empathetic style as Woody Allen, Albert Brooks, and Whit Stillman (whose “Damsels in Distress” features Gerwig in an adorkable role).Marketing for alt library is mainly online, but when print materials are created they are designed as coasters for placement in bars and coffee shops or have a deliberately homegrown, slightly rough around the edges look.

It’s like Gerwig knows she doesn’t have a lot of time to work with in a film narrative, so she wisely amps up the pace of the narrative and the barrel of raillery to ensure we can keep up and actually enjoy her cinematic joie de vivre.Ronan plays Christine, a girl with the kind of wit, zeal, and hormones that make her quickly outgrow her small suburban home “on the wrong side of the tracks” and Catholic school upbringing in boring ol’ Sacramento.The film’s got a slew of teenage-girl drama beats—dumping her bestie for the popular kid, dating the cool guy who ends up not being so cool, screaming at her mom who’s trying to do right by her but who’s also annoyingly cloying—but somehow Gerwig manages to make the many emotional arcs and moving narrative parts all work flawlessly.Several friendships have been formed as a result of alt library programs.The Sacramento Public Library is now actively engaging with a community of readers in their 20s and 30s—and as we see with the formation of the alt library Friends and the high levels of public interest in these programs, this is valued.

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