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a dutch cabinet statement said a “possible” next step would be presenting the case to an international court or organisation for their judgment, adding australia shared its assessment of russia’s role.“we call on russia to accept its responsibility and cooperate fully with the process to establish the truth and achieve justice for the victims of flight mh17,...

bunnik, netherlands — an international team of investigators says that detailed analysis of video images has established that the buk missile that brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 nearly four years ago came from a russia-based military unit.

vladyslav voloshyn, 29, who had claimed to be the victim of a smear campaign by moscow, shot himself in his mykolaiv home near the black sea, the bbc reported, citing local media.dutch authorities concluded that a buk missile that had been moved from russia into eastern ukraine had destroyed the boeing 777 jet, killing 298 people on july 17, 2014findings contradicted moscow’s claims that the plane — en route from amsterdam to kuala lumpur — was brought down by the ukrainian military.voloshyn, the recipient of a medal for bravery, had flown 33 combat missions in a su-25 ground attack jet against russian-backed separatists in eastern uk...

investigators have confirmed a russian missile was responsible for the downing of malaysia airlines flight mh17 over eastern ukraine in july 2014, killing all 298 people on missile that brought down the plane was fired from a launcher that was part of russia’s 53rd anti-aircraft brigade, and was tracked entering ukrainian territory from russia before the atrocity and returning afterwards, they said.wilbert paulissen, head of the crime squad of the netherlands’ national police, said: “all the vehicles in a convoy carrying the missile were part of the russian armed forces.”russia has denied involvement in the findings of the joint investigation team (jit) confirm those of the open-source investigative website, bellingcat, which claims to have pinpointed the ind...

"despite it being nearly four years since our lives were shattered, we struggle to comprehend what happened," the letter says.

“we hold the russian state and its leaders as ultimately responsible for the deaths of our family members.

thirty-eight australians and australian citizens were among the 298 people reconstructed wreckage of malaysia airlines flight mh17photo: apsince the five-nation team hopes to bring criminal charges, identifying the chain of command in the plane's downing is vital. bunnik, netherlands – an international team of investigators says that detailed analysis of video images has established that the buk missile that brought down malaysia airlines flight 17 nearly four years ago came from a russia-based military unit.wilbert paulissen of the dutch national police said thursday that the missile was from the russian military's 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade based in the russian city of kursk.paulissen was speaking at a presentation of interim results of the long-running investigation into the downing of flight mh17passenger jet was headed from amsterdam to kuala lumpur, malaysia, when it was was blown out of the sky over eastern ukraine on july 17, 2014.

the dutch cabinet on friday said it would hold the russian state responsible for “its role” in the downing of malaysia airlines flight july 2014.“holding a country responsible is a complex legal process,” the cabinet said.“the netherlands and australia have asked russia today to enter a dialogue in order to come to a solution that does justice to the enormous suffering and damage caused by the downing of flightmh17.”mh17 was shot down over rebel-held territory in eastern ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 aboard.

abroad, putin’s russia is increasingly seen as a pariah because of incidents such as the nerve agent attack in britain, meddling in us elections or the downing of flight mh17 over ukraine.

russian propaganda tries to gaslight the public, a trick which works partially in the west but seriously disorientates those russians who are dependent on state television for their news.putin avoids debate but he effectively addressed voters in his “state of the nation” speech on march 1.

russia has denied any development follows a press conference on thursday during which investigators said the missile that shot down the plane was fired from a missile launcher in russia’s 53rd anti-aircraft brigade, but stopped short of saying who actua...

by: ians | kuala lumpur | published:july 6, 2017 am the decision was jointly made by the governments of australia, belgium, malaysia, ukraine and the netherlands. pixabay)related newsthe attempt to launch legal proceedings by relevant governments with regards to the downing of malaysia airlines flight mh17 can help establish truth and seek justice, malaysia’s transport minister said on wednesday.

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