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I've had therapists in the past for different things and it's so important to get one who gets you. There's no compulsion to be in a relationship but let's aim towards you claiming the right to feel good about your own body and your sexuality. I'm not sure what the nature of your surgeries was or the reason for needing them nor what age you were so I can only write generally and please tell me more if what I say doesn't quite fit you.

Surgery can be traumatising depending on how well you were prepared for it, how each operation and recovery went and what stories you were told about your body and the need for surgery.

Not dating just seems like the easiest way to avoid thinking about it.

The dodsonandross website would certainly assure you of that.

The legendary Betty Dodson is still going strong working to help women claim their own sexualities and feel great about their bodies and their sexiness.

A US doctoral thesis by Noel Clark on this topic concluded "Sexual shame is a visceral feeling of humiliation and disgust toward one's own body and identity as a sexual being and a belief of being abnormal, inferior and unworthy."Do you struggle with other aspects of body image or is this exclusively focused around your vulva and vagina?

I wonder if you're telling yourself that everyone else's genitals are perfect, whereas the reality is that everyone is unique.

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