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Near the end of our interview, Lathan is gushing about 1940s Hollywood, which produced dozens of female-driven vehicles, including the classics starring the likes of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Katharine Hepburn. “I’d love to see women carrying films like that, being vulnerable and strong.” It seems unlikely, but this is what attracted Lathan — after suffering through a mid-career string of wife and girlfriend roles — to The Perfect Guy, whose titular joke is that said guy, played by Michael Ealy, is not only imperfect but is also a murderous stalker.

“I know that if I don’t do these films, nobody will.” As we wrap up our conversation and listen once more to the unholy moan of the construction crane that is plaguing Lathan’s neighborhood and psyche, I tell her it seems like she’s upped her standards even further as she approaches her 44th birthday and her third decade in Hollywood. So there’s no reason to stop doing it now.” And even as Lathan holds tighter to her ideals, there are indications that Hollywood is finally coming around to the kind of women she wants to play — and, finally, coming around to Lathan herself.

Unlike the helpless, decision-impaired victims who often populate these movies — Idris Elba in Obsessed, Jennifer Lopez in The Boy Next Door, Bridget Fonda in Single White Female, Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction, etc.

— Leah handles an impossible situation with intelligence and pragmatism.

Though Lathan grew up adjacent to the entertainment biz, guest-starred on sitcoms like Moesha and Family Matters, and dutifully gazed into the eyes of Epps and Taye Diggs in late-’90s hits like The Wood and The Best Man, Love & Basketball was her cinematic cotillion — the bildungsroman upon which she built the sturdy base of her early career.

It’s the film her fans rhapsodize about most, says Lathan, and, apparently, it still brings grown men to tears.

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