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This includes planning actions as simple as local park cleanups and meet-ups for curious potential members, or as involved as ritualistic demonstrations (like the one in Lancaster).

While photos from the Mass itself may look like your standard goth/industrial club night, you won’t find only goth kids among Temple ranks.

Forget Democrats and Republicans -- let’s talk about Satan, shall we?

Specifically, how he has become the figurehead for what is arguably one of the most interesting political organizations at work in America today, with an active Los Angeles chapter that threw its biggest-ever event earlier this year.

The Temple’s core campaigns often involve topics where a dominant religion might encroach on legislature, such as gay marriage, reproductive health, or a woman’s right to choose.

Other campaigns come into play when religion is being inserted into an area where the Temple believes it shouldn’t be, Constitutionally speaking, such as public schools or government properties.

She finds parallels between Lucifer -- the name Satan was given as an angel, which translates to “bringer of dawn” -- and the Temple's mission, since Lucifer was cast out of heaven for not submitting to God’s authority.

What the Satanic Temple does believe in, and advocate for, is the separation of church and state, religious freedom, personal autonomy, and critical thinking.

If you can look beyond the ornamentation, the enemy of your enemy could be your bloodletting, cowl-wearing friend.

Juliet Bennett Rylah is a freelance journalist based in Los Angeles, CA, who, while not a Satanist, enjoys a good ritual every now and again.

We’re challenging hateful, bigoted authority that encroaches on people’s personal lives and choices for no reason other than for their personal gain and quest for power -- be it politicians in a theocratic society, or an all-powerful God,” Kellogg said.

“The Satanic Temple is all about diversity, community, mutual respect, altruism, and working with people from different walks of life to make the world a better place.” LA’s Satanists come in all ages, from all backgrounds and income levels, and are, on the whole, pretty friendly (your neighbor might be a Satanist! Kellogg described their meetings like “family reunions,” which typically involve cooking dinner at someone’s house and then hunkering down from some good old-fashioned grassroots organization.

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