Scarecrow and mrs king start dating

He also undertook an investigation into a brutal serial killing incident around the time of Halloween of his first year, which Alfred later referred to as "a long one".

Most criminals believed him to either be an urban legend or some kind of supernatural entity, both of which gave him a psychological edge to exploit as they began to realize that someone or something out there was an active threat to their stranglehold on Gotham.

Mastering all of them, and even managing to defeat Kirigi's best student Shiva, Bruce earned the sensei's respect and was allowed access to the knowledge that he had been seeking as well as more advanced training.

Returning to Gotham after several years abroad, ostensibly to reclaim his inheritance and become the CEO of his family's company, Bruce realized that he needed to become a symbol to fully utilize everything he'd learned on his journey.

When he returned, Bruce was inspired by a bat in his ancestral home of Wayne Manor.

He then became Batman who fought crime with the aid of specialized gadgets and vehicles and operated out of a secret Batcave underneath Wayne Manor.

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He investigated a box that belonged to Queen Industries and discovered that the box had a bomb in it.

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