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I am of the opinion that Taurus makes the perfect partner for them. The main Scorpio love trait is a need to love and to be loved.

For a Scorpio true love is essential in life and family is more important than anything else.

Read More About the Scorpio Woman The men of this sign are not like other astrological sign men.

Dating one man is similar to dating a Scorpio woman.

The key difference though is that rather than a strong feminine force, it’s a powerful macho, sexual force.

What to look for in a partner: somebody steady, who can handle your intense emotional shifts without being jarred by them.

They are determined and dedicated people who know what they want in life and are able to make the commitment to achieve it.

When a Scorpio’s mind is set on something it stays set – some consider them obsessive!

He’ll also never allow a woman to gain control over him.

Due to his awesome personality, be sure you let him take the reins in planning a night out.

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Never lead him on because he’ll never forgive you for doing it.

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