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After his departure from ROBLOX, Jared made videos on his Youtube channel and deleted most of his ROBLOX related content. He has stopped his old ways of stealing other people's games due to maturity and him growing up.

As a result of this, many of his old haters now like and support him after his dramatic changes.

Studio ARE threatened to sue Jared for Copyright on their company name and stealing their 'Ro War' Series. After Vortex Security leader Chibitobi refused to take Jared's offer of 2 million to 3 million tix to sell the group to him, Jared made a clone of Vortex Security, naming it Team Vortex.

He copied Vortex Security's logo, as well as their uniforms. Jared took ownership of a group called Rebel Squad.

However, Jared has claimed that he got these games without doing the above and took them only because they were un-copylocked.

His exact means of obtaining the places is unknown, as no proof of his alleged hacking and/or exploitation has been given. , which is a copy of Daxter33's game with the same name, and The Infection, which is a copy of Stealth Pilot's game The Undead Coming, with some of the maps added by Jared. has received over 7.6 million visits, while The Infection has earned approximately 3.8 million visits.

It doesn't help that his article is very light on details.

Many players have speculated that he has hacked or exploited the game in order to gain access to these places.

Rebel Squad has been given over to the user, GOD2U.

GOD2U has released a new logo for Rebel Squad and is currently working on new bases for Rebel Squad. Jared also copies clothing, such as group uniforms, and a shirt that was made by Studio ARE. He has proven to be homosexual in one of his videos and has made some videos about him and his relationship with his boyfriend.

He is often criticized for adding the trademark symbol to his place names as if to claim he is the original owner of the places (players such as SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX have done this as well). Despite many negative responses that Jaredvaldez has received in PMs, there are some positive responses from a few users.

Even though Jaredvaldez gets complete credit when he does this, some users are not haters of Jaredvaldez, but rather supporting fans of him.

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