Scripture on interracial dating

Though the bible doesn’t talk directly about dating, it does speak volumes about relationships, godly interactions, and principles that can be applied to how you date.In fact, a portion of my book, (Zondervan, 2013), is dedicated to examining how to apply these principles to real-life situations.SEE ALSO: 3 Intruders That May Be Destroying Your Marriage So no matter where you are within the world of dating, remember that there is no such thing as “Christian Dating,” only Christians who date.

Visit our most popular questions on “What does the Bible say about…” questions answered by well known Christians and theologians to find more inspiration. What if a Chinese person were to marry a Polynesian, or an African with black skin were to marry a Japanese, or a person from India were to marry a person from America with white skin—would these marriages be in accord with biblical principles?There are a significant number of Christians (particularly in America) who would claim that such “inter-racial” marriages directly violate God’s principles in the Bible, and should not be allowed.SEE ALSO: The Myth of Happily Ever After God’s word reminds us of the importance of connecting with people who are in line with our spiritual life (2 Corinthians , 1 Corinthians ).The truth about relationships is that the healthier both individuals are emotionally and spiritually, the healthier the relationship will be.

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