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But I also saw it as a sign my relationship wasn’t right, so it was a bit of a relief.I spoke to my boyfriend two days later and he seemed fine with splitting up, which I thought was strange – then I found out he’d been seeing someone behind my back.

The sex was lovely and I insisted he used a condom.LOOKING for some proper fun in the sun on your summer holiday? In Day Three of our Summer Sex Week, we have delved deep into the mind of the young Brit abroad, as two twentysomethings confess all about their holiday flings.Our sizzling sex poll by You Gov found that 16 per cent of Brits were more likely to have a one-night stand when they were on holiday compared with when they were back home – and our two did just that.I slipped in and he was pleasantly surprised when he found me. At first we started without protection as we were both so drunk but then he said we should stop while he put something on. We had sex in every room, every way we could, and finished on the balcony at dawn.He had a partner at home too and neither of us wanted our friends to find out what happened between us, so we made a swift exit.

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Here, Oliver and Ilaria share their sex diaries from lust-drenched holidays in Spain and Croatia last year with LYNSEY CLARKE and MATT BARBOUR.

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