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Hindus were governed by Shastric and Customary laws which varied from region to region and sometimes it varied in the same region on a caste basis.

As the country is vast and communications and social interactions in the past were difficult, it led to a diversity in the law.

Before the Hindu Law of Inheritance (Amendment) Act 1929, the Bengal, Benares and Mithila sub schools of Mitakshara recognised only five female relations as being entitled to inherit namely - widow, daughter, mother paternal grandmother, and paternal great-grandmother.

The Madras sub-school recognised the heritable capacity of a larger number of females heirs that is of the son's daughter, daughter's daughter and the sister, as heirs who are expressly named as heirs in Hindu Law of Inheritance (Amendment) Act,1929.

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A woman in a joint Hindu family, consisting both of man and woman, had a right to sustenance, but the control and ownership of property did not vest in her.

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this situation makes us rely on various judicial pronouncements which have dealt with this question. Now when a major step towards ending gender discrimination and to stop the gender-bias prevalent in families and to improve adverse condition of women in society has been taken in the form of The Hindu Succession Amendment Act,2005 .

This amendment has conferred equal property rights on daughters as well.

But now because of the changed position of daughters as coparceners the situation is in favour of possibility of women becoming Karta. The third part deals with arguments for and against of women as Karta.

There are diverse views of the Courts on this point. The Last part is a synthesis of the arguments advanced ie the conclusion.

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