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TITLE VOLUME: 41 Reel 2 / / V CURRENT PERIODICAL SERIES PUBLICATION NO: 2575 FEDERAL REGISTER 4 ISSUES 10 - 21 DATE: January 15 - 30, 1976 pg 2225.,- 4805 of 12 NOTICE: This pieriodical may be copyrighted, in whic K case the contents remain the property o\ the copyright owner. 10— THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1976 MEETINGS— Interior/BLM; Boise District Advisory Board, 2-12-76 . (b) (1) In the event it is determined after entry that a particular shipment of crude oil, unfinished oils, or finished products Imported pursuant to a license for which a fee has been paid should In fact have been assessed a higher license fee, the importer must within thirty (30) days after notification by the District Director of Customs that a higher Ucense fee is applicable, remit the proper pay- ment to the Director, Oil Imports, by certified check or a cashier's check pay- able to the Treasurer of the United States in the sum of the additional amount due.

, The microfilm edition is reproduced by agreement with the publisher. Washington, the republication of material appearing In the Federal Recistkb. Susanville District Multiple Use Advisory Board, 2-27-76 NPS: Appalachian National Scenic Trail Advisory Coun cil; 1-30-76.... (2) In the event an Importer fails to comply with the terms set forth in this section for the payment of fees, the Director shall not entertain any fur- ther applications from said Importer for additional licenses until the amounts due are collected.

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These Include general applicability and legal documents of public Interest. Sundays, or on official Federal 6fflc^ of the Federal Register. 2278 Northeast Utilities Service Corp 2278 Sierra Pacific Power Co 2279 FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Notices Applications, etc.: Ban Cal Tri-State Corp 2279 Citizens Bancorporation 2279 iv Ntices M eetings : Oregon Dunes National Recre- ation Area Advisory Coimcil (2 documents) 2269 Malheur National Forest Graz- ing Advisory Board 2269 Miguel District Grazing Ad- visory Board 2269 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION R jles A dvisory committee management; policies and procedures 2235 ^ otices A uthority delegations: Attorney General 2279 HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE DEPARTMENT ^e also Disease Control Center; Education Office; Public Health Service; Social Security Admin- istration. (5) With respect to imports made on or before December 21, 1975, all refunds from and reductions in fees and supple- mental fees provided imder this Part, shall -be made In accordance with this Part as in effect on that date.

..., 2229 40 CFR 52I _ _ ^ 2231 60 (2 documents) ^ 2232. Such itural gas products may be commingled ith crude oil or other unfinished oils f^r purposes of transportation and may reseparated prior to importation or ittiported as a mixture; Provided.

Published da Uy holidays), by the Administration, Washington, Ch. nder& or requests for information regarding the contents of this issue pn]y may For information on obtaining extra copies, please call 202-523-5240. ~ Oil imports regulations: Presidential Proclamations, conforming amendments 2226 Proposed Rules Emergency Petroleum Allofation Act; civil and criminal penalties for violation 2249 FEDERAL INSURANCE ADMINISTRATION Rules National Flood Insurance Pro- gram: Special hazard areas 2240 FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION Notices Complaints filed : Borden Inc. 2267 FCt OD AND NUTRITION SERVICE PDposed Rules Sc tiool limch program : Reimbursement payments 2249 Notices Hearings, etc.: Central Maine Power Co 2276 Eascogas LNO. (3) Applications for refund under this paragraph (d) shall, insofar as practica- ble, be processed by the Director and presented to the Treasury for payment, within ten (10) days of their receipt.

16) and the reg ulatl Is made only -by thi i i The Federal Register provl les by Federal agencies. recorded highlights of selected documents to appear in the next issue, , Monday through Friday (no publication on Saturdays. International and Venezuelan Line 2275 Agreements filed : Board of Trustees of the Gal- veston Wharves and Southern Stevedoring Co.. Inc., et al 2276 Georgia Pqwer Co 2277 Granite State Gas Transmis- sion, Inc ^ 2277 Illinois Power Co 2277 Long Island Lighting Co 2278 Mid Louisiana Gas Co_^ 2278 Montana Power Co 2278 Niagara Mohawk Power Corp.. (4) No refunds under this paragraph (d) to an allocation holder shall exceed the fees and supplemental fees paid by such a Uocation holder.

58625: 12-18-75 ^EC — Financial reporting practices; bank holding companies and banks.... Oatlons of the Administrative Committee of the Federal Reg^r (1 CFR Ch. Ladvux)n, MX) 2265 EDUCATION OFFICE Proposed Rules Bilingual education; vocational training 2351 Notices Applications and proposals, clos- ing dates: Bilingual vocational training. 2270 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Rules Air quality implementation plans; various States, etc. (d)(1) Applications for refund under this paragraph shall be filed in such form as the Director may prescribe.

58551; 12-19-75 List of Public Laws NOTE; No acts approved by the Presi- dent were received by the Office of the ■ederal Register for inclusion m today's .1ST OF PUBLIC LAWS. : Rhode Island 2231 Air pollution; standards of per- formance for new stationary sources: Coal preparation-pliuits 1.. (2) Upon application by the Importer of record, the Director may reduce or refund fees prescribed pursuant to para- graph (c) : (1) In the case of licenses Issued upon prepayment, for payment to the Importer of record, on a monthly basis, of sums equal to the sums collected by way of net duties paid to the United States Cus- toms Service, less any drawbacks of tar- iffs paid on Imports made on or after February 1, 1975 received during the same period, provided, that said Importer certifies the amoimt of net duties paid and drawback received during that pe- riod.

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