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(SLAH-maht tin-GAHL), Selamat jalan (SLAH-maht JAH-lahn) Usage note: "Selamat tinggal" means "Safe stay," while "Selamat jalan" means "Safe Trip," so whoever is leaving uses the former expression and whoever is staying replies with the latter expression. (dee MAH-nuh TAHN-dahs); on the East Coast of the Peninsula (e.g., Kelantan, Terengganu): Di mana jamban? On the East Coast, "tandas" is considered stilted, but do not use "jamban" on the West Coast, where it's considered crude.Saya ingin bercakap dengan Kedutaan/Konsulat Amerika / Australia / Inggeris / Kanada.A characteristic of Malay is that it is a so-called agglutinative language, which means that the suffixes are all attached to a base root. For example there is a base word hasil which means "result".But it can be extended as far as ketidakberhasilannya, which means his/her failure.If you're able to read IPA you'll find a more accurate pronunciation in the "Pronunciation" column on the right.Naughty & Nice Nextdoor Niece That little girl was driving me crazy! You can watch thousands of sexy girls on webcam and chat with them for FREE Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now!

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Malay word order is subject-verb-object like English.

There are no plurals, grammatical gender, or verb conjugation for person, number or tense, all of which are expressed with adverbs or tense indicators: saya makan, "I eat" (now), saya sudah makan, "I already eat" = "I ate".

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