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Factors such as stress, depression, trauma, anxiety, guilt, lack of sleep, and even low self-esteem have been proven in some cases to have an effect on a man's ability to obtain and maintain a strong and healthy erection.Source 2 Environmental and lifestyle choices have the potential to play a major part in the cause of poor sexual performance and erection problems.A lack of exercise, high cholesterol, and high trans fat foods, cigarette smoking, and consumption of alcohol can all play a role in reducing blood flow to the penis consequently causing a problem when trying to get an erection.Source 3 An erection is a physiological response to psychological arousal.The Cilexin formula helps ignite your libido, giving you an increased sexual desire and allowing you to improve sexual performance.Source 8 Blood flow is essential to growing and obtaining a full and firm erection.

The group ingesting the Tribulus Terrestris extract had a 16% increase in testosterone levels, and also reported a greater improvement in sexual health compared to the controlled placebo group.One common vascular disease Atherosclerosis causes fatty molecules to build up and narrow your arteries.High blood pressure is another common cause of erection problems as it damages the arteries, making them thick and allowing less blood flow to the penis.Take control of your sexual performance with benefits including increased sexual desire, blood flow, endurance, stamina, and general erectile health.Understanding what causes erection problems is vital before considering the use of any sexual enhancement and performance support supplement.

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Source 7 There are several other natural ingredients inside Cilexin that help to support the natural and healthy restoration of penile function and sexual performance.

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