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You can turn off the M1.’Cryer saw a different side of his friend, though. His family suffered a death, due to the Troubles in Ireland, and he talked to me quite seriously about that one day.

‘He was a workaholic, and one other person was enough to be an audience.

Mind you, yesterday was ruddy awful.’He proved he could be as funny as ever reading a spoof news bulletin, while buckets of whitewash were flung over him. His first brush with heart disease came in the mid-Seventies, and for years he had a pacemaker.

Instead of flailing about and playing the clown, he seemed to be striving to keep his dignity and his temper, which simply stoked up the laughter. ” And then, as I was leaving, I saw there was something written on the skirting-board. Last August, he underwent an operation for stomach cancer.

” I went inside, and there was another sign on the mirror . In a showbiz world of divorces and multiple marriages, they were a devoted couple, and though he referred to Ruth as ‘my worst heckler’, she and their children were the centre of his life.

Decades later, Carson was amused by shows such as Britain’s Got Talent that urged viewers with wafer-thin attention spans to vote instantly by text or mobile.

In the Sixties, he had won Opportunity Knocks three times by scooping the majority of postal votes.

Britain in the Seventies wouldn’t tolerate swearing, and explicit sexual gags were out of the question, even on late-night TV.

But audiences loved racial stereotypes, and The Comedians gave them what they wanted. An absolute force of nature.’Spike Milligan, who cast him as an IRA publican called Paddy in a short-lived BBC sitcom called The Melting Pot, had a similar experience and complained: ‘What’s the difference between the M1 and Frank Carson?

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