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Today these traditions and knowledge are still in use today out along the road to Hana. Maui has an amazing array of churches many of which are of historical registry and significance. These churches were at the forefront of the Hawaiian cultures evolution from a caste based society to a christian based community.

If you wish to learn more about Maui’s ancient past check out a road to Hana tour! Maui’s unique history can be told through the stories of the island historic churches.

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Most people are affected by the time change the first few days after arriving on the island and find themselves up early.

Many people do get up and venture to Haleakala Crater for sunrise but being on the beach at this time of day can make for magical experience too!

Queen Keopuolani, said to be the highest ranking Ali’i (Royalty) in the kingdom at the time (higher even than her husband Kamehameha the Great) became impressed with the Missionaries message.

From Oahu she traveled with missionaries to deliver the “good word” to the people of Maui in may of 1823.

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