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People who have been convicted of offenses that are typically considered sex crimes will often be forced to register as sex offenders in Texas.

While the Texas Sex Offender Registration Program is designed for the benefit of the public, the system itself is not without its flaws.

Freelance photo by Jerry Baker When Mark Keough's first marriage ended in divorce, he realized religion would give him the meaning and direction he felt he lacked.

With a background in seminary and a master's degree in sacred theology, he started leading a singles ministry in a local church. "I bought my house to facilitate the class," he said.

The Keoughs said past experience helps them guide their parishioners. "I know exactly how they feel when they get lonely, when they get depressed, when they're scared that they'll be single for the rest of their lives.

"I've felt that way too." Helping others has become a calling for the couple.

"Every church we've been to cuts out singles," Kim said. Let's start our own.' " Mark Keough said sometimes churches, despite their good intentions, struggle to meet the needs of single members. "There's this huge group of people out there, and they're not being reached.

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The primary problem is that during the periods that they are required to register, all sex offenders are essentially viewed the same—even though the nature of their crimes can be remarkably different.

This means that a person could be denied employment or face residence restrictions simply for being guilty of having consensual sex as a teenager with another teenager.

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