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Their parents have been friends for years and so have they.Growing up together they had never thought of themselves as anything more than close friends.All of the unlocked animated scenes can be experienced as much as you like, and no matter your preference, the club has someone waiting just for you...YOU ARE READING Fanfiction I am addicted very easily and heres just another one of my addictions, Chatzy!The only reason they really know each other is the fact that they share a dorm.One night at a party Zayn gets drunk and Perrie try’s to help him.In current Society a certain amount of voyeurism is considered normal, such as watching x-rated movies, as well as graphic magazines.You may have even been sexually aroused when you noticed by accident someone who was undressing, naked, or having sex.

On the night of the party Harry ignores (Insert name here) and goes about his own business.

Its a roleplay site where you can act as any of one direction or their girlfriend.

So being the writer I am i thought i would write a few plots so here they are! Louis and Eleanor: Louis and Eleanor are best friends going to the college together.

Start the morning leaving for college, live with whoever but I suggest sisters and brothers room together (Harry and Perrie and Liam and Eleanor).

I know usually college is girl and girl, boy and boy rooming system but in this case you room with your BF or future BF.

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When they get back to their dorm Zayn lashes out at Perrie and gets annoyed by her attempts to help him.

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