Sex while dating

Consider the fact that a lot of first-time sexual encounters with new partners are awkward as hell.

Picture something embarrassing happening with this new partner, and see if you can imagine the two of you handling it with grace or laughing it off together.

It can take a while to get into a good rhythm with someone new, but you should feel like there’s enough potential to work with. These are all signs of how they might act towards you once they've slept with you. Do they follow through on things when they say they will?

If you’ve had some cringe-worthy make-out sessions, odds are the sex isn’t going to be that much better. Have they made you feel comfortable and at ease those times you've done "everything but"? This should seem obvious, but if someone doesn’t treat you well, don’t have sex with them.

Don't ever have sex because you're feeling pressured to or because you feel like it's expected. Do you want to move your relationship to the next stage?

Do you want to see if you’re compatible enough with this new guy to commit to him?

Everyone experiences twinges of sexual guilt or shame.

Consider how you think you'll feel afterwards, and if you know you'll feel badly, consider waiting. Is there enough sexual chemistry to make you curious about taking the next step?And let’s say that they gave you a wishy-washy response about not being sure they're ready for a commitment. One in every three or four adults have a sexually transmitted infection.If you want to stay STI-free, it’s imperative to talk about safety with new partners.Part of knowing what you want from sex involves getting to know your sexual values, for example — is being monogamous before you have sex with someone important to you? Keep in mind that sometimes knowing your sexual boundaries involves a little trial and error.Consider some of your past sexual experiences, and use them as guides. It’s fine to be unsure or torn in a few different directions, just so long as you take the time to honestly consider your own desires.

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