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A new version of the i Phone app will also be submitted this week.If all software developers were this responsive, it would be a better world. A link to the new updates is on this page, about halfway down.

Hi I am using an unofficial widget called Twitter Fan Box: I set it up a while back on a client’s blog as you can see here: Up until this weekend it was working fine, but she had her twitter account suspended and reinstated for whatever reason.

Now the plugin is back to normal again, apart from the follower count being reset to zero and it now shows 4 instead of 923.

My client did change his Username and after that, the twitter feed did not update anymore.

You also need to set up a Simplify Media user account.

When you launch the i Phone app for the first time, it asks for your account username and password, and then scans your library and displays it in an interface that's similar to your phone's i Pod app (but you can click on separate tabs to get artist bios and song lyrics for each track—a nice touch).

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