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Work like you’re all in one room, even when you are not.

In order for them to work you have to first Enable hotkeys to make them available.

That is done via the menu: Tools Call Related (have to be enalbed and defined at Skype- Tools- Options -Advanced- Hotkeys): Alt-Pg Up Answers a call Ctrl-Alt-Pg Up Answers a call with video Undefined Ignore call Alt-Pg Dn Reject/Hang up call Undefined Focus Skype Undefined Search for Skype Users Undefined Mute Microphone Main Window: Ctrl E Switch between Events History and Contact List Ctrl U Show/Hide Offline Contacts Ctrl W Hide Main Skype Window Ctrl Q Quit Skype Chat Window: Ctrl F Find/Search this Chat F3/Shift-F3: Find Next/Previous Match (use after Ctrl F) Ctrl W Close/Hide Chat Window Quickfilter: F6 Jump to Quickfilter Escape Clear Quickfilter Chat commands: /add skypename – add the specified Skype Name to this chat (example: “/add john”) /help – list available system commands /topic newtopic – change chat topic to “newtopic” /me something – others will see an action that you perform (example: “John smiles”) /history – show full history for the chat (you can then review and search it) /find text – find messages containing “text” in the chat /fa or / – repeat last search /alertsoff – disable new message alerts for this chat.

From team meetings to live streaming a meeting, or dialing into a conference call.

These features are also available in Microsoft Teams.

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