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In addition, Voldemort framed the house-elf Hokey for the murder of Hepzibah Smith.Also, Horace Slughorn made a house-elf test of his bottles of mead for poison (although he likely had antidotes on hand).It is implied that with a wand and the proper knowledge, a house-elf may be able to do other magic, as Winky was falsely accused of using the Morsmordre spell to conjure the Dark Mark.A house-elf must obey any commands given to them by their masters.Although Kreacher was first unwilling to enter Harry's service, and only did so as a result of the house-elf's enslavement, after he was treated kindly, he eventually formed a fierce loyalty to Harry.Despite the seemingly horrid lifestyle that house-elves endure, house-elves seem to actually enjoy being enslaved.

When Sirius Black was killed in 1996, Harry Potter inherited the House of Black's servant Kreacher.

Despite Hogwarts having had a large number of house-elves for centuries, it was only in their fourth year that Harry, Ron, and Hermione (rather shockingly) discovered their existence at Hogwarts, which happened inadvertently when the ghost of Sir Nicholas casually mentioned them being scared by Peeves the Poltergeist's tantrums.

Sir Nicholas explained to them that the house-elves work in hiding, and it is considered the mark of a good house-elf that he or she does all the work but his/her existence is not even noticed.

When a house-elf is mistreated, they will typically work just enough to obey their master's commands.

However, if even the slightest loophole can be found in a master's orders, house-elves that are unhappy with their master will exploit that loophole to their advantage.

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