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Since sociology is a vast subject, you have to be careful in choosing a unique and appropriate topic which is more researchable and gives you more information making it easy to present the paper.Here are few topics which might be interesting for you to explore further.In order to present an effective , students have to be careful in selecting the topic and presenting the paper.It is hence imperative to select a topic that interests you, a topic which inspires you to research and explore more in that particular field of study.However, there are few countries where there is no regulation or any law to prevent domestic violence.You can discuss about any such laws which might help the victims of domestic violence.

In ancient Greece, true love between equals was seen as possible only between two men; although men married for purposes of procreation, a close emotional bond with a woman was seen as undesirable (Hendrick and Hendrick 1992).According to Stone (1980), changes in economic production and labor markets, together with public health measures, helped to encourage young persons to marry for love.Families had less sway over the choices of young people as production moved away from the family and into the factory, and as life expectancy increased, so did the emotional investment a spouse was willing to make in his or her partner.Sociology is a vast subject and covers many aspects under the study of human society.Sociology students, as part of their term assignment might have to present term papers on sociology topics.

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  1. Benedict suggests a redirection of often short-sighted hopes. Benedict argues in his letter against two mistaken notions of hope: 1.) Christians who may have focused their hopes too much on their own eternal salvation, and 2.) those who have placed their hope exclusively on science, rationality, freedom and justice for all, thus excluding any notion of God and eternity.