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The 47-year-old's youngest son, who is 13, has Sickle-cell disease.His sister, Ruth, told Sophia, whose indefinite leave to remain in the UK was revoked after she committed a non-violent crime, has been told by the Home Office that she can either take her children to live with her in Jamaica, or communicate with them via Skype.Many people do not know if they will be onboard the plane, where deportees are routinely handcuffed and outnumbered two-to-one by security staff, until the last minute.

Sophia’s indefinite leave to remain was revoked after she was entangled in a fraud case, which she says she knew nothing about and was tricked and manipulated into by her then partner.

Activist groups allege people who are resisting deportation have been brutally beaten by immigration officers dressed in riot gear.

The Unity Centre, which helps asylum seekers, say detainees at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre told them staff broke a man's left arm as he tried to escape, pepper spraying him and leaving him hanging from the side of a building, clinging to mesh, after he climbed out of a window to get away from them. A spokesman said: “A minor incident at Brook House Immigration Removal Centre involving one individual occurred overnight.

"They really manhandle you before you go on that plane if you struggle with them.” Campaigners say charter flights are designed to hide the violent and brutal reality of removals from the public.

If her mother is deported, Ruth said she does not know what the Home Office intends to do with her brothers.

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