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The prospective pledges were encouraged to read them. A few made her feel so good that she played with herself as she read them reaching a comforting release. Mags melted into her and returned the kiss passionately. After a while of kissing, Nina pulled back some and with her hand behind Mags' neck, guided Mags' mouth to her nipple. As Mags continued suckling, Nina fingered her to her second orgasm.

Every sister in attendance met every prospective pledge. It was like a speed dating process except the interactions were longer, wider ranging and more informal. She felt very much at ease with the idea of the sorority and with the sisters. At the next open house Mags was warmly greeted by several of the sisters she had met at the last one. After she recovered she just laid there in Nina's arms motionless. Mags was sleeping on her back, her knee bent open, fully exposing her pussy.

Some of the pledges had expressions of awe on their face.

After the first two weeks the pledges were to pursue having sex with all the Big Sisters."Most women entering college are aware of "procreational" sex in which the intent is intercourse to impregnate. Our species is one of the few mammals that enjoy sex for its pure enjoyment and therapeutic value. She might have pursued more if she knew more about it.She stepped up to the table and asked for more information.Margaret completed freshman registration at State College.She had the courses that she wanted and the schedule.

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She was welcomed warmly and introduced to several sorority sisters. The sisters seemed to be a lot like her coming from smaller cities, towns, and farm and ranch communities. A Big Sister is a guide, mentor and practice partner.

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