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So, if an artist claims if they are apolitical, then I feel they’ve already lost the battle.

An audience is more damaged, I think, and betrayed by voids rather than substance.” Finally, she’s asked whether Annie Clark and St. “Honestly, you’d have to ask her,” the multi-hyphenate quips. (Read: The 25 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2017) In the run-up to Clark’s currently untitled album, she’s released her first single since 2015, “New York”, and its visually striking music video.

“You do have to rehearse but it does something to your posture that I really like,” she admits, adding “It also does something crippling, which I also like.” In the subsequent clip, Clark addresses the importance of being political in these times with her lengthiest answer.

“I think relevance is an act of political fluency and my goal is to stay relevant as an artist,” she says while ignoring the teleprompter.

To kick the series off, the first video offers a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.In the clips, she instructs the crew how to hold the mic and throws her snacks on the ground because they're "mostly air." The entire time she's sitting in front of a green screen, as questions appear as title cards.As she promotes one of the most anticipated albums of the fall, St.“All political art is not great art, and great art is not all political.Art will always be judged in relation to the time and place in which it was made.

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