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Esta figurado en el puesto 28 en el listado Los 100 mejores vocalistas del Metal de todos los tiempos.Reconocido vocalista de uno de los grupos de soft rock más importantes a inicios de los 80, gracias a su característico tono vocal nítido, capacidad técnica y habilidad de alcanzar y sostener una amplia gama de notas.Steve Perry was the lead singer of pop rock band Journey from 1977 to 1987.He is known for having a wide vocal range, which can be heard on such popular hits as "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Oh Sherrie.", which featured the now-classic "Don't Stop Believin'." As the group's lead singer, Perry became one of the era's most famous singers.But fans should not expect a tour when Perry finally does release some new songs—nor should anyone expect him to reunite with Journey any time soon. While he has said that he is civil with his former bandmates, they have all moved on."We really don't have a lot to say to each other, at this point," Perry has said.

Nearly a decade later, Perry re-emerged on the pop-rock scene with 1994's .

There, he worked a number of jobs, including singing on commercials and serving as an engineer in a recording studio.

All the while, Perry played with a number of different groups as a vocalist and drummer.

The album featured such songs as "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" and "Faithfully." To support the recording, the band undertook an extensive world tour.

Around that time, Journey also became the first band to license their music and likenesses for a video game.

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According to , Perry explained that "I've done the 20-year hermit thing, and it's overrated." His return to performing "has to do with a lot of changes in my life, including losing my girlfriend a year ago and her wish to hear me sing again." judge and former Journey bassist, Randy Jackson, Perry's voice is one of kind.

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