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Once uses its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm-based platform to select a user’s once-a-day match based on specific data collected during sign-up.Next, similar to if the users had met in person, you and your match, can only give each other the undivided attention a first-meeting situation deserves, meaning only your match of the day will be able to see you.It's not entirely that the new generation is to blame for why love and relationships are the way they are.In reality, it's because of the loss of old school etiquette that, somewhere along the way, abruptly stopped being practiced or, sadly, even preached.For some unforeseen reason, things in this department have changed and it's without question not for the better.If only things were done and handled like they used to be.

I'll be the first one admit that I love staying in with an S/O just relaxing and hanging out at home — but I also do love going out on dates. You don't need to spend hundreds on your date, so "saving money" isn't a valid enough of an excuse.

They also have the chance to write a comment about their dates which will be checked by Once’s internal monitoring team to avoid not constructive comments.

These ratings and reviews are then viewable on the profiles of other Once community users.

The Once app’s rating system – similar to Uber or Trip Advisor ratings – empowers women and instantly makes it one of the safest dating apps on the market.

After a real-life date detected by the Once machine learning algorithm, the rating system gives women the possibility and power to review the chats, the dates and the profile pictures of the men they went on a date with.

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