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They would touch each others pussies and moan and giggle.All of a sudden Jo says I need to get going I have to pick up my kids soon.Then my wife stands up takes off her bikini bottoms and says lets get this interesting. Jo and Amy agreed and they took off both of their bottoms.My wife always preferred to let her pussy hair grow, and I like a hairy bush.Author: justincace By now you may have read some of our exploits. From the first hint that a woman might be interested in your wife and you, to the point where the cards are on the table and it is time to play.Some might say how lucky can one guy get to have all these threesomes. At least that was the way it was for me until that one night I got home and heard the voices of some drunken ladies in the hot tub!I walk in the house and see the back yard lights are on.

She had told my wife that she had recently had several wet dreams about her and my wife together.I was working twelve hour shifts and had to work 5 hours over my shift ending time. I get home and I notice a couple of cars out front of the house.I noticed the 2 cars belonged to my wife’s girlfriends, Jo (Who we had three different 3somes with and we have written about the first one, “My wife’s lactating friend”) and Amy. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin, freckles and a perfect body that could take whatever you could dish out.I could see 2 empty bottles of wine and can tell the three of them are a little tipsy.I say my hellos while staring at Jo’s huge tata’s, My wife's fine figure and Amy who I see in a bikini and notice she has a beautiful figure and some sexy little tata’s herself.

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