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After this Flash update, I still had both services up and the red X. I then applied Brook's fix and got 136MB worth of updates installed in a matter of minutes (thanks again Brook! Citrix CTX227936 How to hide the domain from Director Logon Page: From Disable the visibility of running applications in the Activity Manager in Advanced Configuration at Citrix Docs: By default, the Activity Manager in Director displays a list of all the running applications and the Windows description in the title bars of any open applications for the user’s session.

For more information on client deployment methods, see FEP 2010.

See Citrix Docs Feature compatibility matrix for a list of which Director feature came with each version, and the licensing Edition needed for each feature.

If you are installing Director 7.15.2000 on a standalone server, see the following: Also see CTX202564 Citrix Director Becomes Unresponsive after Submitting the Credentials when IIS X-Frame-Options is enabled From

Link ID=204112) and deploying it to client computers before deploying the Forefront Endpoint Protection client.

The Network Inspection System (NIS) on the Forefront Endpoint Protection client does not function until the client computer is restarted; however, the antimalware protection functions as normal without a computer restart.

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