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He said it’s designed to be “device agnostic,” working with any type of smartphone, though it does include Siri Eyes Free capability for more seamless integration with Apple Inc.’s i Phones. plans to revert to more traditional knobs and buttons in its My Ford Touch infotainment and control system.

The system has hurt Ford's ratings in several quality surveys. The 8-inch screen is the same size as My Ford Touch, but text is larger, touch zones are larger and background colors are brighter.

Voice controls respond to more conversational language and return simpler prompts if the system fails to understand what was said.“Simplicity has value,” Parish Hanna, Ford’s global director of human machine interface, said in a statement.

“Reducing the number of things on-screen also makes control easier, and is designed to limit the number of times a driver has to glance at the screen.”The system can automatically update itself using an owner’s home wireless network, whereas Ford had to fix past glitches by mailing out upgraded software or asking customers to visit a dealership.

Ford already has brought back many of the buttons and knobs it had replaced with capacitive sliders and switches that drivers and reviewers said were more distracting and difficult to use while driving.

Consumer Reports was among the most outspoken critics of My Ford Touch, unleashing its harshest words in a 2012 blog post titled “Why the My Ford Touch control system stinks.” The piece concluded: “We wouldn’t recommend dealing with the frustrations of My Ford Touch on a daily basis even to an adversary.”Whereas My Ford Touch divided audio, climate controls, navigation and phone connectivity into four quadrants on the screen, Sync 3 has a menu bar along the bottom of the screen with six options, adding “apps” and “settings” to the original four.

My phone is telling me there is a sync error and I have to re-validate my accounts. So I try to enter my user name and password, but it keeps telling me that "the password and username you entered did not authenticate with your email provider.

Please try again." I know my username and pw are correct.

If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.He said Ford’s main goal with Sync 3 was clearly to fix the mistakes of My Ford Touch.“The focus here was not on creating a brand-new platform full of features that no one else had -- it was on creating something that would be exponentially easier to use than the old system,” Boyadjis said.In 2010, the year that My Ford Touch made its debut, Ford was the top mass-market brand on J. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study and ranked No. Just one year later, the automaker had plunged to No. Taking a leadership role in dashboard computing “is going to be good for Ford in the long term, but it is a short-term hit,” David Sargent, Power’s vice president of global vehicle research, said in an interview upon the release of the 2011 report.I have 2 email accounts set up on my phone, both have been working fine, until today.For some reason, neither account is "synced" anymore.

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