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Shrugging, Adam then began to blast light yellow liquid all over the kneeling girl.

As he peed, for what seemed like minutes, Adam couldn’t believe what he was doing.

He pushed open door after door in the main hallway hoping to find a toilet.

She placed her phone on the bed to the side of her and scanned her eyes up and down Adam’s athletic body.“Can I help you?

” Olivia asked as she climbed off of the bed and made her way over to Adam. I didn’t mean to stop your conversation.”Olivia laughed, “It’s okay, Sweetie. ”“Yeah, it’s in use, though.”“Oh,” the attractive loner smiled as she placed her left hand gently on Adam’s exposed chest, “well I actually know of another place where you can go.”Curious as to why she was seductively touching him before pointing him towards another bathroom, the antsy teenager pleaded, “Well where’s that?

The brunette was actually a 19-year-old who had been held back from graduating after failing too many classes her senior year.

Despite her nerdy glasses and alternative sense of fashion, which was likely the reason she was a bit of a loner and nearly invisible, the young woman, Olivia, had an amazing body.

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