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At the same time, a planned move is also underway to use the ethnic sentiments of the Sinhala students to speed up the process of Sinhalicisaton of the administration of the campus.The sinister move is said to be the motive behind the latest controversy over a handful of students from the South attempting to forcefully erect a Buddha temple within the premises of Vavuniyaa campus.Full story Damsila Exports Pvt Ltd., a big company exporting phlogopite mica and other minerals from the island, has shifted its plan of excavating Ilmenite resources in Thirukkoayil North of Ampaa'rai district after the people mobilised against the move in December 2017.The company is now trying to deceive the people along the southern sector of the same division, Tamil activists in Thirukkoayil said.The company owned by the unitary state of genocidal Sri Lanka has also discriminated Tamils in providing jobs during the construction phase despite its earlier promise to give preference to the people of the area in employment during the construction of the plant and after.Nothing seems to materialise, but the construction work of the plant is almost 40% complete, said Rural Development Society representatives in Champoor.

As a result, all the SL ministries, departments of the SL State and the occupying SL military are deployed in a coordinated and accelerated demographic genocide in the East.

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Eezham Tamils in the island and the Tamil Diaspora marked 9th Mu'l'livaaykkaal Tamil Genocide Day with an ever-increasing emotional and logical uprising on Friday. Wigneswaran has come with a diplomatically well-crafted speech, raising pertinent questions to the world humanity as well as to the Tamils.

Full story The Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council on Monday visited the twin-islet of Ira'nai-theevu giving recognition to the courageous move of the uprooted people, who had reached their twin-islet last month after waging a continuous protest for almost one year.

The people, staying at the church and the school, were encouraged by the visit of Justice C. Wigneswaran, who proclaimed that no one could deny the people their right to resettle in their native islet.

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