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Unfortunately, we're burdened with droves of these present-day idiots who dominate the educational scenery and modify true, raw history into socially engineered, "touchy- feely", sanitised versions.The evidence of the earlier, pre-Maori people is all over the country and many or most of the Maori cultural symbols are, quite obviously, Megalithic British/ Mediterranean in style and meaning.You would also have the last laugh and be vindicated for the treatment you got from the imbecile teacher, who verbally abused you over a period of 18-months or for the "six of the best" you unfairly received.I'd encourage you to look at the mathematics of my book again, or go directly to my website at It's not a case of "drawing enough lines" but of some very definite dimensions recurring on the worldwide distribution of sites.I've heard this before in relation to the Otago Museum and have written about it in my book.

Those words are as hard to change as the Rock of Gibraltar.A few years ago my colleague, Gary Cook, was in contact with a representative of the Tainui people, who had the assignment of going to the museum and identifying artefacts found within the traditional region of her Iwi.The Tainui representative said that she was shown large drawers full of objects in the basement and commented to Gary that most of what she saw was not of Maori origin.Instead of trying to act like Inspector Jaubert of Les Miserables, tracking down "linguistic criminals," or as a Jehovah's Witness wanting to put us "linguistic sinners" on the "straight and narrow road to salvation, Mark Newbrook should contribute some of the originality he claims to have.At least the Hindus and several of our largest Amerindian tribes are taking what I have to say seriously.

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