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And while you may feel nervous or anxious about having to talk about yourself to complete strangers, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to have an interesting conversation in this fast-paced atmosphere—and it’s even easier when you hold fast to how awesome you truly are.

The world of speed dating is a bizarre and often tragic place.

If you really don't get on with someone, you're only stuck with them for six minutes (the red light in the taxi means that you can't jump out at some traffic lights) before someone else shows up.

If you're interested, the first event will begin on Friday 16 February (in case you're really desperate after Valentine's Day) at Ju Ju, Chelsea Gardens, London.

He is quite well known and we are looking for people to have a 10 minute speed date with him.

We are going to do it around Regents park and it will only take an hour or so.

Think of it in terms of speed dating for taxes, moving from one area to another in a fairly brisk format.

For instance, if you find that you really like the first person you talk to, it’s important that you don’t automatically rule out every other individual you meet from that point forward.

Simon Bridges If National wants a true generational shift in its leadership, Mr Bridges is the obvious choice.

The 41-year-old says his youth shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of experience, however.

That blend is important and means I'm a good choice, I'm a right choice for the times." The sixth-ranked National MP says his party needs to use its spell in Opposition to note what the current Government has "got wrong".

"They spent nine years in Opposition, they didn't do the hard yards in terms of developing the people, progressing new talent and actually getting fresh ideas. We cannot make that mistake." As for his chances, the former Transport Minister feels "very strongly there are many MPs who want me to be the leader", and his "views and values and ambition" will get him over the line.

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