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The epic adventure of Vania Kyrridwen, young Tuatha girl and Child of Prophecy, bound by destiny to overthrow the evil demigod Maelgryn.

Featuring the mind-blowing 3D art of Arne Cooper a.k.a. Malaya Walters has never met another werewolf, and everything she knows, she's figured out herself.

The Nerds behind Topwebcomics have been hard at work adding the finishing touches to Webcomic Avenue but they haven't really stopped there because why would they....

The guys have developed Geekbits, a new Geek and Gaming Culture Magazine.

Correct usage of it will allow you to determine exactly how many wiks a franchise with really complicated cross references (such as ) has.

Note, however, that this page doesn't list exact numbers. If you're making a change based on Python data, be sure to mention this in the "edit reason" box.

Everything changes when a stranger walks into her coffee shop, realizes what she is, and offers to help.

You can email us at: webcomics(at)nerdsunlimited(dot)co We got a lot of great articles lined up and we can't wait to involve you all!

It puts the cosmos under a microscope, and reality under analysis -- goodness knows it needs it. A slice of life comic about youth and inexperience from the viewpoint of multiple young adults.

Currently, the two lead roommates are in constant competition to be alpha-female.

How long a work has been around has an effect; it's not hard to use a lot of tropes when you're a Long Runner.

Not to be confused with Overdosed Tropes, which are the same but inverted.

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The opposite of Trope Overdosed is Needs Wiki Magic Love.

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