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I decided to go to Ohio State instead.”Looking back, Mr.Rider said what got him though those difficult days in central Vietnam were the bonds he forged with his fellow Marines.“The Marines who died [in Khe Sanh] gave their lives for their brothers,” he said. Militarily, even the North Vietnamese would later concede, the Tet Offensive was a staggering defeat for the communists, who lost over 50,000 fighters during the offensive while gaining little valuable territory.Against Hanoi’s expectations, South Vietnamese soldiers did not abandon their posts, the South Vietnamese “puppet” government did not buckle and ordinary citizens did not welcome their “liberators” from the north. Convulsive political events on the home front marked 1968, which would become the bloodiest year for U. forces from the entire Vietnam operation, with 16,592 killed. By June, a beleaguered President Johnson removed Gen.Bill Rider considered himself a grizzled veteran of the Vietnam War that late January night in 1968 when the first waves of North Vietnamese soldiers and their Viet Cong allies attacked U. and South Vietnamese lines in the besieged central city of Khe Sanh, where he was stationed.After all, the 19-year-old native of New London, Ohio, had been in the theater for a whole three months and had seen intense action dating back to his second day in Vietnam in October.Intense fighting While much of the North Vietnamese were thrown back from much of the territory they seized in the first days of fighting, the Tet Offensive sparked more extended fighting in many places.

Rider and the men of 1/6 Marines were pulled off the front line three times. Rider was evacuated to Bethesda Naval Hospital in 1968.But the scope of the battle, and the determination of the enemy forces he faced, quickly convinced him that this attack was different.“We knew that if anyone screwed up, you could get killed,” Mr. “My advice to the new guys was, ‘Do what I tell you, and you might survive this.’ “Mr.Rider, now 75, recalls many harrowing days and close calls during his 13-month tour, but no time was more nerve-wracking than that January exactly 50 years ago Tuesday.The battle for the city, less than several miles from the demilitarized zone separating North and South Vietnam, remains perhaps the signature conflict of the Tet Offensive and the scene for some of the most intense fighting of the war. Rider and the other Marines from Charlie Company found themselves on the front lines at Khe Sanh during Tet.The Marines had been flown into the besieged city along with troops from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battalions from 26th Marines to hold the line against enemy forces, which had been laying siege to the city for more than a week. Rider recalled that his Marine platoon was digging bunkers and fortifying its positions at Marine Corps base “Rock Quarry” on what was known as Hill 64 in Khe Sanh when the first wave of the North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong fighters hit the perimeter on the night of Jan.

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