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Almost everywhere you turn in the city there are hundreds of young beautiful Thai girls.

They are the main attraction of Pattaya’s bustling nightlife.

But this isn’t the only place to find them, as you can pick up almost anywhere in Pattaya. Use the categories below to help you find the right girl for you.

The top of the tree for Pattaya is the Coyote girls, these are regarded as the crème de la crème of the working girls here in Pattaya.

You are probably more likely to find a girl here that is up for some serious fun.

They have already been drinking and have loosen up much more than the girls that are just standing around in the streets. 😀 😀 Expect to pay 1000 – 1500 for a freelancer in the nightclubs short time, and 1500 for long-time.

High season is just around the corner, and in a couple of weeks we will start to see the bars, beaches and the streets of Pattaya fill up with horny gentlemen from all over the world. 🙂 Unfortunately when demand goes up, prices goes up, up ad UP! You can find sex cheaper than this, but it would probably be an old beaten up toothless skunk with a ton of make-up, stretch marks and HIV. If you are in Pattaya while reading this it’s still not to late. Negotiation is possible, but don’t be to aggressiv.

If blow jobs is not enough for you, and you want hot wild sex with a lady all night long in your hotel bed. Just because a girl is a freelancer, doesn’t mean that she’s a toothless old skunk with HIV and a missing leg. They have complete ownership over their own income, and they can choose when they want to work. They don’t want to sit in a bar all night long pushing people to buy drinks, or dance on a scene for 6 hours in a Gogo bar.

There are an estimated 200,000 girls working in Pattaya, the majority of which come to the city from the less wealthy rural parts of Northern Thailand, referred to as Isaan.

Many of the girls come here with the hope of making their relative fortunes, much the same many young starlets head to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.

At the end I let them suck me off, I don’t even care how they look. These old women know how to suck out every single sperm-cell in your ball sack.

Expect to pay around 300 baht for 1 hour massage, and anything from 500 baht to 1000 baht for the blowjob, depending on how hot the girl is.

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