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Mc Carthy find that as multimarket contacts increase among the handful of large firms that dominate the field, prices rise and quality declines.

Artificial intelligence may reshape the nature of the innovation process and the organization of R&D by taking advantage of the interplay between passively generated large datasets and enhanced prediction algorithms, according to research by Iain M. Working three to six months longer and delaying the start of Social Security benefits during that period boosts retirement income by as much as increasing retirement contributions by one percentage point over 30 years of employment, a study featured in the current issue of The NBER Digest finds.

He also contends that the book market is not about reading or enjoyment — a big proportion of books are bought but unread.

His own strategy when reading a book is to dip in, sample a few chapters, read from back to front, or simply discard the book if there is a better one to be read. “Is this the best possible book I can be reading right now, of all the books in the world?

Digital goods have created large gains in well-being that are missed by conventional measures of GDP and productivity, according to findings by Erik Brynjolfsson, Felix Eggers, and Avinash Gannamaneni.

In a study of the health insurance industry, Haizhen Lin and Ian M.

(Yup, economists take the fun out of everything.) – Signaling: Why education is a waste, but still serves a purpose. And what the college/grad school admissions process has to do with signaling. – The parallels between economics and dating – Wonderful, but not surprising. – An interesting aspect of the law and MBA student internship-to-job-offer ratios. – What MBA students need to know before they start school. After getting divorced Oyer wrote the book when he began dating again because it reminded him of the markets he worked with every day. After getting divorced Oyer wrote the book when he began dating again ...The theories he'd been teaching in the classroom applied directly to his forays into and JDate.

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Thick markets are more powerful than thin ones - use a big dating site.

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