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The Greatest Self-Help Secret Revealed: You Can Transform Your Life and Solve Your Problems by Leaving America for a Better Life and Love Overseas! In this post I'll review my first 4 months living in Chinas's Zhejiang Province. After 4 months I went for a 2 week holiday in Thailand, and stayed there for another 6 months. I am glad I spent the money getting a CELTA from one of the world's best language schools. Which was good as I was given a pile of textbooks and told to get on with it.

But here in my tier 2 city there just aren't enough ladies on the site to be able to find dates.Not least because it's harder to use UK credit cards overseas now, and China's CTrip is a rip-off for international flight bookings. I mean not even my students speak it well, and they're majoring in either English or Business English. So there are a number of bottlenecks where the traffic is a nightmare. It's generally wealthier here, and more ordinary people have cars. Sure, it was warm when I got here in September, but that's a distant memory now. At least we're warmed by the gulf stream in Winter. Of course it's also cooler, which means bacteria grow a lot more slowly.They're someway behind the students I met at the Guangzhou university where I studied Mandarin. Of course there are taxis but I had so much problem in Hubei and Guangdong with taxis, and that was with having a Chinese girl to do the arguing for me! In Zhejiang it has been relentlessly cold since early December. It's harder for foreigners to live in China than it was when I was here five years ago.The best way to deal with them is have as little contact with them as possible. As to other things: Downtown there is a Tesco supermarket, an Ole (for expensive imported foods), a Carl's Jr and of course many other stores.They've not even managed to open a bank account for me after 4 months. It's kind of hard to use the restaurants though because so few have English menus (and photo menus/plastic food displays) aren't that common either.

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There are a few more if you factor in nearby Hangzhou.

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