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The real-time nature of interactions on social.also required instantaneous response times from both the database and the application server to keep users happy.

They tried hosting their app on Rackspace as well as AWS, but “had many problems getting things working correctly and getting configuration,” according to Justin.

For a minute, I was disappointed by the prospect of more cheap, light beer (Korea only serves a trio of high-school brews), ‘til I realized he was going to bring me a mirror.“If you're looking to host a application and want to work with the people who invented it, then Joyent is your hosting provider,” says Shreve.“If you're building a social web app and Mongo DB makes sense, then definitely use Mongo Lab.” Calling Joyent “a more affordable hosting solution with better capacity,” Nerve says that based on their initial experience with, they plan to move the rest of the company’s web properties over to Joyent cloud hosting -- and we couldn’t be more thrilled!In 2011, Nerve built a new dating app that uses social content and conversations to more closely mimic interactions in the physical world.Using technology to facilitate a more human approach to online interaction, the app connects users through real-time sharing of information, rather than forcing them to sift through passive, static profiles.

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Mostly, we spent a lot of time doing things that didn’t require talking — we watched films in French (a language neither of us understood), went to modern-art museums, and drank a lot of wine.

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  1. Even in small towns, I’d find the local shop and buy a postcard and send it, and they’d all say some version of the same thing: “” When my grandmother died, she left me two things: A pair of earrings from when she got her ears pierced to celebrate her 80th birthday and a box full of all the postcards I had ever sent her.

  2. They're probably fine people, and they might even be more interesting than the ones I've photographed ... Reader Question: Handling Pressure to Apologize." It was also published in an Aug 21, 2008 blog article entitled " Marriage, money, debt, and divorce?