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Pods can only reference image pull secrets in their own namespace, so this process needs to be done one time per namespace.If for some reason you need multiple items in a single Um Vhb Gx5IHJl YWxse SBy ZWVl ZWVl ZWVl ZWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWFh YWxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gx5e Xl5e Xl5e Xl5e Xl5e Xl5e Xl5e SBsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb Gxsb G9vb29vb29vb29vb29vb29vb29vb29vb29vb25ubm5ubm5ubm5ubm5ubm5ubm5ubm5ubmdn Z2dn Z2dn Z2dn Z2dn Z2dn Z2cg YXV0a CBr ZXlz Cg== This needs to be done for each pod that is using a private registry.To solve this problem, Microsoft provides an update for 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

Docker stores keys for private registries in the on each node with credentials for Google Container Registry. Note: this approach is suitable if you can control node configuration.

By default, the kubelet will try to pull each image from the specified registry.

However, if the , then a local image is used (preferentially or exclusively, respectively).

After you download and apply the update, you must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Once it is installed, you don't have to modify the registry because the update installs components automatically.

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