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The Rescuer is, of course, the third corner of the Victim/Persecutor/Rescuer triangle that Donald Trump used with such great effect during his rise to the presidency.

More than any other time, it is this period that seems the most dangerous. Wherever this centaur is found in a chart is where there could be something that start small but become major event and ends up with much suffering. All of these statues date not from the Civil War Era but from the decades of the establishment of Jim Crow, to celebrate the South’s ability to establish an apartheid system on the ruins of the Antebellum slave South. North Korea’s Sun is @ Virgo (Sept.10,1948) which is conj the Oct. Could this conj manifest in any way considering that a country’s Sun represents its leader? Crisis mode for WH and Trump, especially Wednesday through Friday (8/16 to 8/18), with the Moon and then Venus activating Saturn on his Moon.

His recent vicious, irritable, vengeful persona was replaced by a megalomaniacal grandiosity that left the sane and the responsible amongst us literally shuddering.

In proclaiming himself ready to take on, and perhaps take out, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump once again, in his own mind at least, become the great Rescuer, the one man strong enough and courageous enough to destroy this dangerous scourge on mankind.

At other times, both during and since the campaign, Trump has joined with his supporters’ sense of grievance as he proclaims his own suffering and victimization, when, for example, he is treated “so unfairly” by the courts or his political opposition or when the “fake news” always lies about him.

And finally, he is never far from the righteous rage that justifies the Persecutor mentality, in other words, Trump’s extraordinary viciousness and nastiness against all who oppose him or even mildly disagree with him.

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Combined with the Sun/Mars progression, this could be construed to suggest war. utm_term=.4c75159dfd64 Oh my gosh, I’d forgotten that the U. natal Pholus, a centaur, was exactly conjunct the U. natal South Node, both at 6 Aquarius, which is where Neptune was at the 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. South Node (to be given up or given away) and Neptune (wine? Carolina when Dylan Roof murdered his victims in church. Carolina was the first state to secede in 1860, and now the locale where this consciousness change has begun to roll.

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