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Apart from coconut oil and olive oil, you can try avocado oil, jojoba oil or almond oil.Read More: 10 Benefits Of Avocado Oil For Health, Skin And Hair Use any of the natural oils that you would use as a skin-soften.In the fashion world, types of leather which are often used include cowhide, buffalo leather (less durable than cowhide and cheaper), baby lamb leather (soft and thin, often used as a jacket), mature lamb leather (more durable and more expensive).In addition, many items are made from solid leather, python leather, ostrich leather, and crocodile leather.You can also use leather treatment products designed to clean, soften and polish leather shoes.Many of them will actually strengthen leather, and you can use them as the lasting solution.Simply, you can dip your fingers into the natural oil, then rub it over the surface of the leather items.Add some layers of oil to get the better softening effect. However, it also makes your stiff leather smooth and wearable.

Using natural oil is a good way to soften leather boots and gloves, so try it out!However, avoid choosing chemically hydrogenated oils such as commercial vegetable oils and corn oils.Next, you rub your chosen oil into your boots and gloves.Depending on the production area, chemical substances or the ones which are naturally extracted will be used to make the hides softer, more durable, waterproof better, and not rot over time.Next, the hide is exposed to dry, lubricated, dry, knead until soft and oily, flatten, and stained according to the demands.

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The more oil you take, the softer your leather will be. This is because most of the natural oils do not damage leather. In case your leather boots and gloves are not soft enough, repeat the oil treatment.

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