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After that, they went to a club and Yamashita started to develop some feelings for her,”[2] This is the girl I just talked about earlier, whether she is the reason why Abiru and Yama Pi broke up was never explained.

They are said to began seriously dating somewhere in July 2009.

When Koki discovered this, he tried to get back with Abiru. Soon they decided to have a fresh start and start all over again.

Yamapi's close friend and then class leader, Shirota Yu got pissed and bullied Koki in class up until graduation. Some sources say that the major reason of the breakup is that Yamashita found out Abiru had affairs with some other guys.

At the beginning of September 2008, Yamashita Tomohisa was seen with Abiru Yuu at Kyoto’s Jinushi shrine and spent the day as sweet as any normal couple would be This resulted to a lot of fans screaming murder.

It's not really that surprising since both attended Horikoshi Gakuen where they started off as senpai and kouhai.

Other sources said they met through other common friends, all the same the two became close.[3] According to BUBKA, they spoke to a staffer who has proof, a photo, that the two have been living together [4].

It all began with a purikura that became viral that way back in 2006.

Not surprisingly, a lot of fans posted rude comments on Keiko's blog, promting the actress to deny any kind of relationship with Yamapi, stating they were only classmates and he is only an acquaintance.

But much to my surprise, his love stories are easy to find. How she managed it despite being an idol herself is beyond me.

Both parties denied the relationship, but the tabloids talk about it like it's a fact. So one story I heard was that a crazy Hello Project fan once threw water (other sources said it was hydrochloric acid) at Yamapi, because of...jealousy I guess.

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