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Unfortunately, too many of us have experienced lost luggage, forcing us to spend the first hours of our precious vacation replacing clothing and toiletries.I once juggled two large suitcases and a tote bag through an airport in Ecuador, before dragging them across a cracked and uneven road and then lifting them onto the luggage rack of a bus. In recent years, my husband and I have made travel a priority, and we want it to be easy and comfortable.The cross-body bag is a game changer as it allows me to hang on to railings on escalators or buses.Here is a closer look at what I packed for 5-10 days and how I adjusted the contents for four different trips.

The back pack and tote bag keep things handy in flight or in the car and work as a day bag once we are at our destination.

In general, I pack clothing that doesn’t wrinkle and roll most things.

One pair of jeans, one pair of black pants, one pair of black leggings, one thin long-sleeved gray sweater, five knit shirts in solid colors that go with any of the pants and the gray sweater, one printed tunic, one denim shirt, a pair of black yoga pants and T-shirt for sleeping, one knit black dress, socks and underwear for the number of days I will be gone and an extra pair of comfortable black shoes.

I also add a colorful printed scarf, and a couple of necklaces.

My swimsuit, a thin cardigan sweater, a black wallet on a string that doubles as an evening bag, my i Pad mini, ear buds, a clear plastic bag with liquids and gels, a small cosmetic bag and comb, a reusable water bottle that I fill after check in, a few snacks such as almonds and raisins, pens, notepad, guidebook, my glasses and medications.

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For a trip to Ireland in September I wore jeans, a shirt and a sweater on the plane, along with a pair of short boots.

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