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But of course the media gets wind of them and things go to shit. I’m also not sure why I keep picking books with famous athletes.

No stutters in pacing or times where the book dragged. I guess the best way for me to sum this up is that it was pretty enjoyable, but missed the mark when it came to the punch I was expecting based on the blurb. ***ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review*** 2.5 stars This is a formula that will appeal to a lot of readers. We have the whole famous athlete looking for a quiet place to regroup, the somewhat boring start of a relationship, the dull sex scenes, and the angst and break-up at 75%. Travis needs a quiet place after his boyfriend leaked a sex tape of them.Travis moved on from his scandal (and his almost fiance) too quickly.Considering that he was ready to propose to Jeremy, there wasn't much heartbreak or time spent dwelling on a relationship that ended on such a cold and greedy betrayal.Just as their desire starts to turn into something deeper, a photo of them becomes hot news that threatens to shatter everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.With Shane’s past exposed and Travis’ career in jeopardy it all comes down to the final stretch.

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